4G Smartphone Under 8000 In Bangladesh 2019

4g smartphone in Bangladesh

The phone has now become a friend of the people. A man has played a great role in removing the loneliness. The form of phones changed with the change of the era. Because of this phone, the world has come to the hands of the human hand. There is the role of Internet service. Internet Generation As 4G in Bangladesh

Recently, a 4G smartphone is becoming very popular in Bangladesh. So, before buying the phone all of them are thinking that their favorite smartphone phone is eligible for 4G. But for many, the problem is going to be the budget. A little trouble buying a good 4G phone in a small budget.
So the list of 4G phones that can be found in 8000 Taka.

4g smartphone under 8000 in Bangladesh

List of 4G Smartphone Under 8000 Taka

  • Samsung

Samsung Galaxy A2 Core (7,590 TK), Samsung Galaxy J2 Core (7,490 TK), Samsung Galaxy J2 4G ( 7,990 TK)

  • Xiaomi

Xiaomi Redmi Go (6,999 TK)

  • Symphony

Symphony i68 (5,990 TK ), Symphony i97 (7,490 TK), Symphony i72 (6,390 TK), Symphony i65 (6,190 TK), Symphony i95 (7,999 TK), Symphony V155 (5,790 TK), Symphony V145 (5,990 TK), Symphony G100 ( 5,990 TK), Symphony Roar V150 (6,590 TK)

  • Walton

Walton Primo F9 (5,199 TK), Walton Primo H8 Turbo (6,899 TK), Walton Primo NF4 Turbo (6,699 TK), Walton Primo NF4 (6299 TK), Walton Primo H8 (7,990 TK ), Walton Primo EF8 4G (4,990 TK), Walton Primo GF7 (5,999 TK), Walton Primo GM3 ( 7,199 TK)

  • Huawei

Huawei Y5 Lite 2018 (7,999 TK)

  • Umidigi

Umidigi A3 ( 7,999 TK)

  • We

We R4 (7,000 TK), We T1 (4,444 TK)

  • Nokia

Nokia 1 Plus (6,999 TK), Nokia 2 ( 7,499 TK), Nokia 1 ( 7,990 TK)

The price of phones can be any change. And the band can bring a new phone any time.

Last Update Post : 30.10.2019


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